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Click here for a list of time killers... This is a collection of Video's I have gleaned from emails..

I have enjoyed them, maybe you will too...



BIG Pike Flies James ties huge Pike flies, and sells them pretty cheap... :)

Sunglasses Find the latest designer shades to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from Better Vision Better Prices.

Guns Peruse an unprecedented inventory of knives, air guns, guns and accessories at  

Guns for Sale offers a large variety of top of the line guns for sale.

Mountain Hunt Suppliese Sitka Gear, Minus 33 clothes, Swarovski, Leupold, Schmidt and Bender rifle scopes and binoculars, Optimus stoves, Katadyn filters, Scarpa boots, CAMP mountaineering gear at discount prices

 Russian Hunting Agency Hunting, Fishing and Adventure Travel in Russia, Asia and Eastern Europe: Snow sheep, Ibex, Tur, Bear, Marco Polo, Russian Boar, Stag, Capercaillie, King Salmon, Taimen Trout.  specializes in helping you find tackle you need to fish like the pros. Top brands like Shimano, Penn, Diawa, Rapala,Garmin, and Berkley all at great prices. Whether you're sportfishing for Marlin, Tuna, or Dophin or freshwater fishing for Bass, Walleye or Trout, Totalfishing has you covered.

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Coachman RP RPL RPL+ RPL-4 RPLX RPLXi RS3 Wire TFO S S/A S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7/8 SA SA (Hardy) SA Trout Sage Sailfish Salmon Salmon/Steelhead Salt Salt water Saltwater San Sand Sandel SAS SAS1008 SB Maple SC SC Salt SC V Scale Schollmeyer scientific Scientific Anglers scissor Scott Screw SD SE Sealy Seat Second Selective Selective Trout Sent Series SES SF SF Demo SF Slider No ST Sharkskin Shewey Shooter shooting Shooting Star Shorty Sierra Sig Series Signed Silver Silver Doctor Silver Label sink Sink Tip Size Skeleton SL SL6T Slide Slider Sliding SLT SLTCA SM Small small cork chip Smallmouth Smart Smith Smuggler Snook sock SockFoot Softback Sole Solid Solitude South South Bend SouthBend Sowerbutts SP SP+ spare Spey Spin Spinning Spinning Reel Spinning Rod SPL SPLCA Splicing Split Split Cane Spool Spool Dings Spooled Spooler spools Sportman Spring Spring Creek Spring Creek CL SS IM7 St Croix St. St. Croix Staal Staff Standard Standing Star StarFire Start Stearns Steelfin Steelhead STH Still Stillwater Stillwaters Stimulator store Stowaway Strategies Stream Streamdance Streamer String Striped Striped Bass Striper Stripper Strmer Xprs STS Stu Style Summit Sunbeam Sunset Super Super 7 Steelhead Superfine Supreme Surg suspenders SVS SW Swing Leaf SWT 11F SWT 6F SWT 7F SWT 8 F/S SWT 8F SWT 8I SWT2TB6F SWTB 10F SWTB 10I SWTB 7F SWTB 8F SWTB 8I SWTB 9I SWTMC 7I Syncrotech Synthetics system System 2 System 2 1011 System G T T&T T-110 T-120 T-130 T-150 T3 Table tackle Tailwater Tan TandT Taper Tapered Tapered Leader Tarpon Tarpon DD TBN TCR Techna Teeny Terrestrial test Wonderline Thirty thomas thomas&thomas Three Forks Tibor TiCr TiCr /B TiCr X /B TiCr² TiCrX Tied Tioga Tip Tippet Tips Titanium TLS TMF Torque TR TR0 TR1 TR2 TR2F764 TR3 TR4F904 Traditional Travel Traveler Travler Trekking Triangle Triangle Taper Trident Trillium TRILOGY Trion Trophy Tropic Trout TS TS150 TS250 TS350 TS400 TS450 TS50 TS550 TT TT-475 TTSKC5 TTSKC6 TTSKC7 TTSKC8 Tube TXL tyer Tying Tying Vise Type 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